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GPUs for deep learning - DFKI is NVIDIA GPU Research Center

| Press release | Smart Data & Knowledge Services | Kaiserslautern

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has been appointed GPU Research Center by NVIDIA, the inventor of GPUs.

GPU Research Centers are institutions that use graphics processing unit (GPU) technologies in specific research areas and are among the world's leading scientific institutions in innovative fields. 

DFKI was selected for its outstanding research in the field of text, image, video and social media analysis using GPU hardware. In particular, the "SentiBank" framework for visual sentiment analysis, which was further developed by DFKI, plays a key role.

DFKI is thus the first deep learning research institute in Germany to be accepted by NVIDIA into the circle of GPU Research Centers. As such, scientists will have privileged access to NVIDIA hardware and software under development as well as to scientific exchange platforms and networks.

The hardware made available through the cooperation will be used primarily in the area of deep learning, the technology of the future that is currently leading to remarkable breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence. The decisive factor for this is the possibility of highly parallel training of deep neural networks using high-performance GPUs. GPU computing combines the parallel computing capacities of GPU accelerators and enables software to achieve dramatic performance increases in scientific analysis and a wide range of other applications.

"The NVIDIA GPUs originally designed for graphics processing have made a significant contribution to the success of today's deep learning methods," said Dr. Damian Borth, head of the Deep Learning Competence Center at DFKI. "Improved GPU hardware enables us as researchers to work with NVIDIA to develop deeper networks and new learning methods, thereby advancing research in this promising area," Borth continued. 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel, head of the DFKI Research Department Knowledge Management and one of the initiators of the cooperation: "With NVIDIA we gain a powerful partner with forward-looking computer architectures that optimally supports our scientific ambitions in the intelligent processing of large amounts of data".

The GPU Research Center Status is initially valid for one year and is renewed annually according to the research objectives.