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Paper about digital sovereignty by Prof. Markl

The latest issue of the magazine “Informatik-Spektrum“ (2019) by Gesellschaft für Informatik features the paper “A national data and analysis infrastructure as a base for digital sovereignty“, written bei Prof. Volker Markl. The article makes data as an essential factor of future producing subject of discussion.

The access to data and data competence are key factors for future competitiveness. To reach data sovereignty, Germany and Europe need a lasting and publicly run data and analysis infrastructure. This would guarantee the access to big, high-quality data volumes. It also enables the democratization of analyzing and visualizing such data volumes. This is the only way to bridge the gap to monopolized data collections of American IT group companies or the access to data that is regulated by the state in China. But such a national, publicly accessible infrastructure should not only manage and provide data, analysis and visualizations in real time: It should at the same time provide easily accessible algorithms and tools along the entire value chain. This way, it can fuel innovation through “data and analysis out of the socket” as well as the innovation of data-driven applications.

Kontaktperson: Prof.Dr. Volker Markl