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VivaTech 2024: DFKI and Inria renew their research cooperation and strengthen cross-border start-up funding

For the third time, DFKI and Inria are joining forces at the French-German Tech-Lab of the high-tech and start-up trade fair Vivatechnology, Paris, May 22-25. This year, DFKI is using the forum for German and French research partners, start-ups and investors to renew and expand its cooperation with the French computer science institute Inria in the presence of political representatives from both countries.

Scientific cooperation

On May 22, DFKI and Inria are going to hold a public signing ceremony at the French-German Tech-Lab to extend their scientific cooperation for another three years. Since 2020, research projects in a variety of fields, including brain-computer interfaces, language technology, and frugal AI, have been conducted as part of the ongoing collaboration.

The two scientific institutions are therefore continuing their collaboration in line with their joint strategic research and innovation agenda in key areas of artificial intelligence. Specific measures include joint summer schools, workshops, and regular working meetings at which the two institutes explore joint potential. The agreement also includes a strong commitment to the European AI initiative CLAIRE (Confederation of Labs for AI Research in Europe). This will facilitate closer collaboration between AI researchers and enable the advancement of AI research in Europe that benefits humans while respecting fundamental European values.

Cross-border start-up support

On the same day, DFKI, Inria and Triathlon Transfer, which is based at Saarland University, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding as a means to support German and French AI start-ups. The collaboration creates ideal conditions for technology start-ups to tap into the French and German markets more effectively. The objective is to provide high-tech companies with important insights into the market in the neighboring country and to facilitate contact with potential investors, partners, customers and selected experts.

Panel discussion on trustworthy and reliable AI

Thursday, 24.05.24, 13:45 – 14:20 | German-French Tech Lab

On May 23 from 1:45 - 2:20, Kevin Baum, DFKI and Head of CERTAIN-Centre for European Research in Trusted Artificial Intelligence; Sophie Pellat-Velluire, Co-Head of Inria Start-up Studios; Ralf Zastrau, Managing Director of Triathlon, and Laura Möller, Head of K.I.E.Z - Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurship Center, will discuss the opportunities that Trusted Artificial Intelligence offers for German and French start-ups. The panel will also address the question regarding the role that trustworthy and reliable artificial intelligence plays for innovation and progress in Europe. The panel will be moderated by Andreas Schepers, Head of Communications & Media at DFKI Labor Berlin.

New research cooperation with SystemX

In addition to that, an agreement will be signed with another research partner in France. DFKI and the Institute for Technology Research IRT SystemX will formalize their collaboration on trustworthy AI with a signature at VivaTech. The collaboration will bring the and CERTAIN initiatives of the two partners closer together, marking the beginning of a European network for the development and application of methods and tools for trustworthy AI. In particular, with regard to the further development of the AI Act of the European Union, the partners intend to leverage their collective expertise.

Start-ups, spin-offs and founders

At the joint presentation area of Inria and DFKI, companies will have the opportunity to present their business ideas for one day each. The French-German Tech Lab stage will host a competition between ten categories of founders vying for the "Most Promising Start-up" award.

The following companies are represented with DFKI as its academic partner: offers an innovative solution that perfectly combines legal security and digitalization to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations in the area of invoice exchange. The state-of the-art platform technology of is tailored to assist companies of all sizes and across diverse industries in streamlining the electronic exchange of business documents and data. With, companies can leverage the advantages of digital communication while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. As a technology provider of the renowned TRAFFIQX® network for electronic document and data exchange in Europe, is a leader in reliability and innovation. Companies can depend on's proven expertise to optimize their business processes and enter the future of digital transformation.

Pitch session: 23.05.2024, 15:15 - 15:50 h
Day of the presentation: 24.05.2024


DNC Information Management GmbH develops platforms based on hybrid AI, which combines rule- or knowledge-based AI and training-based AI. ICE-Search is an enterprise search platform designed for targeted customer engagement. It incorporates generative AI to provide optimal control and monitoring of search results. ICE-Analysis is a comprehensive platform for content analysis, offering a wide range of integrated modules and flexible workflow control. ICE-Analysis serves as the foundation for the KIBATIN research project, which is investigating the analysis of medical data with hybrid AI methods in collaboration with the DFKI.

Pitch Session: 24.05.2024, 10:15 - 10:50 h
Day of the presentation: 24.05.2024


tulanā is a decision intelligence platform designed for robust and predictive planning in the manufacturing industry, with a specific focus on capacity and purchasing planning. The faim Is for the platform to employ machine learning to forecast demand and delivery times, enabling users to optimize their decisions regarding delivery readiness against inventory and resource costs. This results in cost-optimized production and ordering decisions.

The tulanā founders have over a decade of experience in AI and machine learning, have developed a fully functional prototype in a short time, and are supported by various incubators, including the Center for Innovation and Start-ups at the Technical University of Munich, UnternehmerTUM.

Pitch session: 23.05.2024, 14:30 - 15:05 h
Day of the presentation: 23.5.2024

Flight Buddy

The Flight Buddy online platform allows people with a fear of flying to search for fellow travelers to support them during the flight. The app connects passengers using their detailed profiles based on personal interests and preferences. An AI algorithm searches for matches and enables travelers to book seats together. Both passengers and airlines benefit from Flight Buddy's business model: The service helps people with a fear of flying to have a positive flight experience and gives airlines a competitive advantage.


Pitch session: 24.5.2024, 14:30 - 15:05
Day of the presentation: 23.5.2024


Heike Leonhard, M.A.

Communications & Media , DFKI Saarbrücken

Andreas Schepers, M.A.

Leiter Communications & Media , DFKI Labor Berlin