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Contigo - contextual information to go

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Context-based services with the ability to adapt to individual users? preferences will increasingly gain importance in future mobile communication technology. A main aspect hereby is to efficiently select and filter vast amounts of information.

Contigo aims to build a foundation to offer potential users accurate and preselected information anytime in accordance with their individual preferences while simultaneously observing the technical specifications of different data sources. Depending on particular contexts, the actual location and personal interests relevant information is evaluated, selected and eventually displayed on the user?s smartphone.

Another component of future information services is the connection of real world objects and online content. Augmenting traditional ways of delivering information via centralized structures, so-called information tags will come into being. Either via near field communication, via RFID or while surfing the net with UMTS ? users will always enjoy the privilege to choose from a variety of sources and different media. The motivation behind Contigo?s efforts to systematically select, evaluate and combine versatile information sources is the vision of ?pervasive communication?.

The Contigo Toolbox The Contigo Toolbox contains essential elements and interfaces for future communication services like a ?resource finder? and a ?contact builder?. While the first mentioned is designed to perform the selection process and to enable annotation services, the latter facilitates ad hoc communication and socializing services.

Shopping with Contigo Contigo?s innovative potential particularly becomes obvious in the realm of customer services. During marketing activities it significantly reduce looseness and inaccuracy. The users? preferences as an intrinsic part of the system?s configuration allow precise and customer tailored approaches in advertisement.


T-Systems, cognIT (Oslo), m-lab (St. Gallen)


Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems)

Publications about the project

Christian Reuschling; Sandra Zilles

In: Klaus P. Jantke (Hrsg.). Knowledge Media Technologies: First International Core-to-core Workshop. Pages 1-11, Diskussionsbeiträge, Vol. 1, Inst. für Medien- und Kommunikationswiss. 2006.

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