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Cluster für Atherothrombose und individualisierte Medizin

Cluster für Atherothrombose und individualisierte Medizin

Cardiovascular diseases, in particular myocardial infarction and stroke, are the leading cause of death worldwide. Atherothrombosis underlies almost all cardiovascular diseases. This is a progressive disease in which blood clots (thrombi) form in the arterial vessel system.

The aim of the cluster is to develop tailored treatment and prevention concepts for cardiovascular diseases and their clinical application. Biomarker profiles and risk factors will be developed using individualized and subgroup-specific approaches. These are subsequently used to develop diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic concepts. This also includes the development of novel algorithms to improve therapy selection and risk assessment as well as eHealth apps and smart devices. Central to the cluster's success are large data sets from representative population studies and their computer-based analysis using artificial intelligence.

In addition to the DFKI, the core partners of CurATime are TRON gGmbH and the University of Medicine Mainz. These core partners are outstanding experts in the fields of epidemiology and systems medicine, clinical cardiology, biomarker and thrombosis research, immunotherapy and artificial intelligence. Among the initiators of curATime are PD Dr. Andrée Rothermel (TRON gGmbH), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ugur Sahin (University of Mainz / TRON gGmbH), Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ruf (University Medicine Mainz), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Philipp Wild (University Medicine Mainz) and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Andreas Dengel (DFKI / TU Kaiserslautern).


DFKI GmbH, TRON gGmbH, Universität Mainz


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research