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Innovation at the Call-Center

Innovation at the Call-Center

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Professional computer-aided customer care is among the largest growth markets in the services sector. DFKI's ICC project concentrates on two areas of innovative call center technology: Firstly classical call center (incl. CTI) technology is to be integrated with internet capabilities. The goal is to realize a üniversal customer care lounge" which includes simple teleservices like e-mail as well as interactive, cooperative teleconsulting using video desktop conferencing between client and expert staff. The prototype integrates these services with Workflow and Telecooperation services.

Secondly, trend-setting technologies for the classification and partially automated processing of technical customer requests - via e-mail or the WWW - will be developed and demonstrated as a prototype system. Among other things, the SMES information extraction technology developed at DFKI will be utilized for this. These solutions will be applied in the call center of AOL Bertelsmann Online GmbH & Co. KG in Saarbrücken.

  • Video Desktop Conferencing, Application Sharing, Workflow
  • Problem solving data base
  • Service Navigator
  • Classification of online texts by topic
  • Automatic extraction of information from e-mails
  • Utilization of language technology for the preparation of replies
  • Customer care support in AOL Bertelsmann Online's call center