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Intelligent skills development for industry 4.0

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Transformation into industry 4.0 is a complex process within companies, for both managers and staff. It is often accompanied by demanding skills-acquisition measures designed to improve informal learning and basic, advanced and ongoing training in the workplace. Cultural differences play an increasing role in determining how the process needs to be structured on a multi-perspective and interdisciplinary level. The level of complexity is very high, even for companies operating in a transnational and international arena. It also requires new research into topics such as adaptive learning in the workplace, education data mining, learning analytics, and recommendations for learning resources.

An EU research proposal is being prepared with partners from central-eastern and south-eastern Europe as part of the ICDI4 project. This requires expertise on topics such as learning in the workplace, personalised learning, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, data science, smart services, learning analytics, knowledge management, learning design and industry 4.0. The DFKI’s EdTec Lab is serving as the project coordinator and is preparing the project proposal. The research application will address such elements as the impact of innovative, attractive, effective and efficient learning solutions in the workplace, taking into consideration cultural differences and current data privacy policies.


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research