Intelligent Green Mobility in Saarland

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In rural areas, mobility is often highly individualized (e.g., private cars), leading to a range of challenges, including increased traffic density, environmental impacts, and limited mobility for the socially disadvantaged and physically impaired. There is a lack of comprehensive transparency about the drivers of this strong individualization and the role of system transport in rural areas, complicating the development of data-driven decisions and recommendations for policymakers, businesses, and public transportation.

The goal of the INTE:GRATE project is to provide transparency about the status quo of system transport in Saarland and to design data-analytical decision support for policymakers, businesses, and public transportation for the transformation from individual to more system mobility, especially in rural areas. As a result, this will intelligently bundle traffic flows, increase mobility efficiency, and strengthen the social and cultural participation of all, especially the socially disadvantaged and physically impaired.

INTE:GRATE will aggregate heterogeneous data streams, such as movement data, demographic data, inquiries to mobility apps, infrastructural, and economic data of Saarland, and condense them locally at the district level to identify influencing factors, patterns, and trends in mobility behavior. This allows for the development of AI-based services that provide insights into current mobility trends and influencing factors for individual mobility at the district level and generate recommendations for improving system mobility.

Planned outcomes include a comprehensive picture of the current system transport in Saarland, data-driven decision support tools for relevant stakeholders, and specific recommendations for promoting system mobility and improving the social and cultural participation of all citizens in Saarland.


HTW Saar, Saarland University


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