Light and solar management using active and model-predictively controlled components

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The research project LiSA is a broad-based joint project in the area of facade, lighting and control technology. The aim is enabling the most energy-efficient operation of office and administrative buildings taking into account user satisfaction. Through exemplary system integration the understanding of the interaction of individual components and the necessity of system solutions are promoted.

At component level technologies are being developed which enable the efficient use of daylight, provide energy-saving lighting with artificial light, and reduce cooling load during summer by means of shading. At the level of sensor technology, a cost-effective sensor is developed, which measures the light conditions as well as heat inputs to the room by solar radiation. A model-predictive control approach optimizes the operation of the components, which can be managed and controlled via wireless communication paths.

With the implementation of the project in a Living Lab Smart Office Space, which is subject to detailed monitoring and in which people use the space according to the actual purpose, it is ensured that the developments are continuously empirically validated and that the results are perceived by users as added value. The people working in the Living Lab have the opportunity to interact with the technology and are thus an essential part of the investigations.


  • Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
  • DFKI GmbH
  • ebök Planung und Entwicklung GmbH
  • Dresden Elektronik Ingenieurtechnik GmbH
  • Agentilo GmbH
  • Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG


BMWi - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

BMWi - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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