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Mathematical Knowledge Management Network

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Mathematics is one of the oldest areas of knowledge, and Euclid's Elements is one of the oldest encapsulations of mathematical knowledge. Nevertheless, the issue of the management of this ever-growing corpus of knowledge has attracted little attention, even though several groups of people have become convinced of its necessity.

Hence the objectives of this Network are:

  • to analyse the various socio-economic needs of the stakeholders in Mathematical Knowledge Management;
  • to analyse the scope to which migration tools could let the community move from the current paper-oriented and presen-tation-oriented view, e.g. LaTeX, to a semantics-oriented view of the universe of mathematical knowledge;
  • to analyse the current state of formal mathematical tools, their role in mathematical knowledge management, and the extent to which they could inter-operate in a mathematical knowledge management framework;
  • to analyse the requirements from users for a search engine that could consider mathematics, rather than words about mathematics, e.g. ``Bessel's equation'', and also distinguish content from presentation;
  • to analyse the various notations present, both nationality-specific and subject-specific, in mathematical presentation, and to relate these back to a common semantic base;


EU - European Union

EU - European Union