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Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment

Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment

MUMIS will develop base technology, demonstrated within a laboratory prototype, to support automated multimedia indexing and to facilitate search and retrieval from multimedia databases in specific domains, where MUMIS will concentrate on the soccer domain.

The technology developed and integrated by MUMIS will include data capture software (to digitise audio and video recordings etc.), speech recognition software (to extract text elements from audio files), text annotation software (multilingual information extraction) and innovative merging tools, to combine semantically related annotations taken from the different media in different languages (Dutch, English and German).

MUMIS will also develop a multilingual user interface to enable professional users to query the database, by selecting from menus based on conceptual (language-independent) organisations of the annotations gained so far, and to view video fragments, as well as all the associated data material, which satisfy the query.

In terms of economic benefits, MUMIS will make access to video archives more effective and cheaper for professional users, reducing the cost of programme making. When applied beyond the professional market, MUMIS will make a contribution to improving employment, because it will help to launch a completely new line of electronic business: the sale of the contents of the enormously large and ever growing archives of digital (multilingual) multimedia programmes.

  • use of multimedia and multilingual information sources
  • multimedia indexing by applying linguistically motivated information extraction to a well-delineated domain and using already existing information as constraints
  • information merging from many sources to improve the quality of the annotation database
  • combining database queries with direct access to multimedia fragments over the web, to access distributed servers and using non-proprietary media streaming methods

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