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News Engine Web Services

News Engine Web Services

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The goal of the NEWS project is to develop News Intelligence Technology for the Semantic Web. Its main purpose is to extend the reach and delivery capabilities of online content provision and syndication services by supporting advanced personalized news discovery, analysis and presentation, and fostering interoperability across the news content provision and fruition lifecycle.

To this end, NEWS develops a configurable composition of services that will allow users to access, select and personalize delivery of multimedia and multilingual news content. The services comprise the collection and ontological annotation of news material, the processing and presentation of content via headline generation and trend analysis, and a user interface for comprehensive information access that can be configured to meet individual user needs.

The ontological annotation relies on standard Semantic Web formalisms like RDF and OWL. NEWS will interface with and integrate available ontologies from the news domain and established news content encoding standards .

Headline generation and trend analysis are central content processing services offered by the NEWS system. Both rely on the rich ontological annotation of news items in order to select and combine relevant news elements and text fragments.

The personalized access to news elements is supported by a user interface which is configurable to suit personal interests and preferences. Individual patterns which represent queries and interest profiles are used to filter the access to news items and to tailor individually-generated headlines and personalized trend analyses.

The flexibility and configurability of the system is supported by a modular architecture based on the concept of interacting web services. This approach will facilitate highly distributed realizations of individual solutions and the optimal re-use and commercialization of independent, generic components and services.

The development and realization of the NEWS system integrates available state-of-the-art technology provided by the project partners. In accordance with the competences and preferences of the partners, the initial system will be tailored towards the handling of text documents in English, Italian, and Spanish language. Live radio broadcasts in English are integrated as well. To demonstrate the multimedia capabilities of NEWS, a limited demonstration corpus of video material will be added.

The NEWS system will support both news industry professionals as well as generic end users interested in news access


  • DFKI GmbH (Coordinator)
  • ONTOLOGY Ltd., Israel
  • Agenzia ANSA S. C. A. R. L., Italien
  • Agencia EFE S.A., Spanien
  • University Carlos III de Madrid, Spanien


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Information Society Programme (IST)

EU - European Union