Semantic Integration of Heterogenous Processes

Semantic Integration of Heterogenous Processes

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SHIP aims at utilizing, extending, and adapting semantic modelling, analysis and verification technologies to design, simulate, implement and adapt reliable distributed heterogeneous processes.

With the increasing possibilities of connecting existing systems over networks, it becomes desirable to combine separate devices, components and sensors to one coherent, intelligent and complete system solution. SHIP allows to combine previously separate systems in a uniform way, to orchestrate and synchronize their cooperation.

The key concept of SHIP is a semantic model which brings together the data of the physical environment and the separate devices to be integrate, such that new facts can be derived from this collection. Complex behaviour can be described in monitors, which can recognize erroneous behaviour of a device or can control devices in accordance with the situation.


  1. The SHIPtool is a prototypical implementation of our concepts.
  2. During the projects several application scenarios have been studied. One was presented at CeBIT 2013, and demonstrates the orchestration of services in an instrumented living environment, the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab.
  3. A second application is concerned with recommendation conformant patient treamtment, and is being developed in the course of the SIMPLE project.
  4. Another application is the SmartTies system for the management of the documents arising during the development of safety-critical software. SmartTies is based on the DocTIP system.


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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Interactive 3D-model of the BAALL

SmartTies Document Management

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