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Software Innovations For the Digital Company

Software Innovations For the Digital Company

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The joint project ?Software Innovations For the Digital Company? (SINNODIUM) links to the four ongoing projects within the framework of the Cluster Excellence Competition, connects the various fields of research, and guides the overall project to an integrated conclusion. In practice, initial prototype solutions for the next generation of business software??emergent software??are developed that dynamically and flexibly work to make a variety of components from different manufacturers combinable, thus triggering a wave of innovation in digital companies across all sectors.

At SINNODIUM, medium and large software companies therefore work together with research partners on general application scenarios for emergent business software in the areas of Smart Retail (trade), Smart Production (industry), and Smart Services (services and logistics).


BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Publications about the project

Zeynep Tuncer; Daniel Porta; Michael Wirth; Michael Hellenschmidt

In: Proceedings of the 72th International Conference Agricultural Engineering. International Conference Agricultural Engineering (LAND.TECHNIK-2014), VDI, 11/2014.

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