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Software Engineering for Spreadsheet Interaction

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Spreadsheets have become very popular to analyze and visualize business and science data, so their complexity and impact increased dramatically over the years. As active documents they are situated somewhere between software systems and documents. Nevertheless, spreadsheets are still largely written by end users in an informal process. Thus, existing spreadsheets are subject to high error rates as well as high-impact misinterpretations.

The proposed project therefore aims at the development of a semantic-based framework to provide

  • abstract modeling, refinement, and knowledge management techniques for spreadsheets
  • verification and consistent evolution of spreadsheets as well as their usage as interfaces to data bases,
  • interpretation and views for spreadsheets as document-centered user assistance.


Jacobs University Bremen


DFG - German Research Foundation


DFG - German Research Foundation

Publications about the project

Michael Kohlhase; Corneliu Prodescu; Christian Liguda

In: Simon Thorne; Grenville Croll (Hrsg.). Prodeedings of the EuSpRIG 2013 Conference "Spreadsheet Risk Management". European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG-2013), Spreadsheet Risk Management, July 4-5, London, United Kingdom, Pages 47-58, ISBN 978-1-9054045-1-3, Five Star Printing Ldt, Claydon, 2013.

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Christian Liguda

In: Kerstin Bach; Michael Meder (Hrsg.). Workshop on Knowledge and Experience Management. German Workshop on Knowledge and Experience Management (WM-2012), located at LWA-2012, September 12-14, Dortmund, Germany, Pages 13-17, Online:, 2012.

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