Transparent Access to Heterogenous Information Sources for the General Public

Transparent Access to Heterogenous Information Sources for the General Public

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The administration of information in Europe is currently undergoing a series of changes. This is effecting a number of different sectors, ranging from banks through to public administrations and industry. Thus the general public and/or the user need transparent and simple access to the relevant information. The increasing use of networks allows modern information systems an extensive decentralisation of information. Hence it would be possible for the general public to acquire any information which is of relevance to them at one information desk. In TAMIC-P the DFKI is involved in the development of uniform access to various decentralised data-bases containing social-security records in Austria and Italy. Queries about insurance procedures can be formulated by the clerk in natural language via the keyboard. It will no longer be necessary to understand specialised database languages, or to know the exact location of the required material. Answers are offered by way of natural language combined with diagrams. The client profits from simplified and more transparent customer services.

  • Work in co-operation with large insurance houses
  • Simplified customer-services
  • Transparent and uniform access to databases
  • Use of modern language technology in man-machine communication
  • On-line database inquiries in natural language
  • Transmission of information in natural language and diagrams
  • Employment of robust shallow-parsing techniques for analysis of the German language


INPS (Rome) Coordinator,

Quinary SpA (Milano),

Cap Gemini Innovation (Boulogne),

ÖFAI (Vienna), IRST (Trento)


EU - European Union

Language Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Program)

EU - European Union

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz