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Vernetzung von Information und Wissen in

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The VIeWs project aims at a flexible solution for the enrichment of available information on the web pages of the Saarland region through a combination of methods from the Semantic Web, Information Extraction and Hyperlinking.

The project builds on results of the SHOW-SOG project, which enables menu-based hyperlinking through automatic named-entity recognition. This approach is continued in the VIeWs project although in a more general, knowledge-based setting by generating the complex hyperlink structures directly out of an automatically constructed knowledge base. The knowledge base represents a particular conceptual view on the available information in the web pages, either a tourist, business, medical or other view.

For instance from the tourist viewpoint, sights, events and hotels will be connected to each other through such knowledge-based hyperlink structures, even when no such links were set in the documents beforehand. In this way, VIeWs will contribute in a significant way towards an improved connection of information resources and an intuitive and reliable navigation on the web pages.