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Virtual Workplace for the Management of Enterprise Resources

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The success of enterprises depends on their ability to manage scarce sources effectively. The management of business resources such as time, area and in particular knowledge is often still paper-based and occurs using insular solutions from information systems. Carrying out efficient resource management requires on the one hand the decentralization of tasks and on the other hand the integration of relevant information, that is to say, information systems. In this connection the management of knowledge generated in business is of particular significance. It has to be guaranteed that explicit knowledge is adequately gathered, filtered, structured and made available and that implicit knowledge does not get lost with the fluctuation of employees. The efficient use of existing information is particularly important in research, as the developing need for research - on an international basis as well - must be addressed in a flexible and goal-oriented manner. Using an existing academic institution composed of different research fields, it shall be shown how decentralized knowledge can be consolidated and personalized for being made available. The goal is to satisfy the demands of individual research fields and also to present knowledge general to a group in such a way that the gathering of new knowledge and access to existing knowledge occurs efficiently. In order to decentralize the performance of tasks and to bring together various information sources or systems, the implementation of a Virtual Integrated Workplace is proposed. A distributed internet based information system is understood by this, whereby the employees consolidate the presentation of and access to information in such a way that the data redundance and system diversity is reduced. It shall therefore serve as an integrated working environment for the fulfilment of the requirements described above. Moreover it shall be able to be personalized according to the working contents and individual demands. The dynamic knowledge which results shall be easily integrated into the system and personally described to the user. Different research topics are affected by the development of the conception of an integrated working environment. Thus in the area of cooperation questions of Groupware and Workflow Management are important depending on the structure level. At the same time approaches from Knowledge Management are brought into play in the management of knowledge. Throughout the scope of the project ? from its conception to the implementation and presentation of a corresponding system ?not only technical but also organizational questions must be taken into consideration. Acceptance plays a decisive role due to the accompanying change in cooperation. Approaches from Change- Management are therefore in the process of being consulted. Moreover the goal of developing a generic action model for the introduction of Virtual Integrated Workplaces in working organizations is being pursued