COllaboration and INteroperability for networked enterprises

COllaboration and INteroperability for networked enterprises

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The mission of the COIN IP is to study, design, develop and prototype an open, self-adaptive, generic ICT integrated solution to support the above 2020 vision, starting from notable existing research results in the field of Enterprise Interoperability (and made available by the whole Enterprise Interoperability DG INFSO D4 Cluster and specifically by the projects ATHENA, INTEROP, ABILITIES, SATINE, TRUSTCOM) and Enterprise Collaboration (and made available by the projects ECOLEAD, DBE, E4 and ECOSPACE). In particular, a COIN business-pervasive open-source service platform will be able to expose, integrate, compose and mash-up in a secure and adaptive way existing and innovative to-bedeveloped Enterprise Interoperability and Enterprise Collaboration services, by applying intelligent maturity models, business rules and self-adaptive decision-support guidelines to guarantee the best combination of the needed services in dependence of the business context, as industrial sector and domain, size of the companies involved, openness and dynamics of collaboration. This way, the Information Technology vision of Software as a Service (SaaS) will find its implementation in the field of interoperability among collaborative enterprises, supporting the various collaborative business forms, from supply chains to business ecosystems, and becoming for them like a utility, a commodity, the so-called Interoperability Service Utility (ISU). The COIN project will finally develop an original business model based on the SaaS-U (Software as a Service-Utility) paradigm where the open-source COIN service platform will be able to integrate both free-of-charge and chargeable, open and proprietary services depending on the case and business policies.

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Dr. Klaus Fischer

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Klaus Fischer

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