Fleet-based sharing: Sharing of electric vehicles in company fleets

Fleet-based sharing: Sharing of electric vehicles in company fleets

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The aim is to develop an economical and reliable solution to operate electric vehicles within a "green" company fleet. At the same time the solution should be attractive as part of a modern future-oriented city mobility for users of electric mobility. The existing technological limitations such as limited range and reliability are to be compensated by suitable measures. This includes, for example, the continuous monitoring of vehicle condition, traffic and route information as well as various services like cleaning and delivery service.

The DFKI investigates primarily the work package 4 "eCar fleet monitoring". The Robotics Innovation Center will develop a generic platform for logging vehicle data (intelligent onboard unit ,iOBU), which provides data from the vehicles. The real-time data is fused in real-time and delivered to the eFahrung infrastructure. The Intelligent User Interfaces department explores data management, for the demand-driven optimization. It also develops a simulation and evaluation environment for route planning, what-if simulations and stress tests.


USI - Urban Software Institute GmbH & Co. KG (Koordinator), B2M Software AG, TU Berlin, Verband der TÜV e.V.

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