Fundamentals of Emergent Software

Fundamentals of Emergent Software

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Today, companies are confronted with rapid changes within their environment. Thus, open market places are developed in the Internet to satisfy more and more individual customer requirements. New innovations in information and communication technology (ICT) are generated at high speed and completely new value chains and business models evolve across corporate boundaries. Now in the face of those changes, companies will only be able to preserve and strengthen their economic productivity if they move towards so-called digital companies, in which ICT is the key driver for product and process innovations. The goal of EMERGENT is to lay the foundations for this change. For this purpose, basic methods, techniques, algorithms and data structures for emergent software are explored and developed.

The term emergent software represents a new category of innovative information systems that arise from the cross-company interaction of individual components and services on the Internet of things and services. The use of emergent software allows a dynamic adaptation to the requirements of the market and supports the handling of complex and dynamic business processes thereby enabling innovative services in the future Internet. This constitutes on the one hand a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers of enterprise software as opposed to conventionally organized, static businesses software solutions. On the other hand, it also increases the value-creation significantly for users of emergent software, especially for small and medium enterprises.

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