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In July 2010, the kick-off of the European research project MIRROR (duration 48 months) has taken place in Saarbrucken, Germany. This so-called integrated project (IP) is co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework, Objective ICT-2009.4.2: Technology-Enhanced Learning. The project consortium brings together 15 partners of Europes TEL industry, high-quality research and testbeds, aiming to provide the first technology-enhanced learning approach that can be used in highly dynamic working situations where no teachers, no formal content, and no explicit knowledge are available.

Due to a highly dynamic business environment and a large number of changes in job roles and tasks for employees, a time-consuming development of formal learning offers and the organisational-wide provision of vocational training are barriers for the wide adoption and flexible use of learning technologies. As a consequence, existing formal learning approaches are insufficient to support employees in their learning-on-the-job activities.

Thus, the overall objective of MIRROR is to empower and engage employees to reflect on past work performances and personal learning experiences in order to learn in real-time and to creatively solve problems in the respective working context immediately. Therefore, a conceptual model for a holistic continuous learning by reflection as well as a so-called AppSphere which bundles a set of real-time, interoperable learning applications that can be used within the collaborative and social work environment of the employees, will be developed. In order to prove the learning effectiveness, the MIRROR solution will be evaluated within five testbeds from the health care and service sector.


IMC AG, Know-Center Graz, City University London, FZI Research Center for Information Technologies, Imaginary srl, Institut für Wissensmedien - Knowledge Media Research Center, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Computer and Information Science, Ruhr University of Bochum, Information and Technology Management at the Institute for Applied Work Science, Tracoin Quality BV, BT Learning Solutions, Infoman AG, Neurologische Klinik GmbH Bad Neustadt/Saale, Regola srl, Registered Nursing Home Association.

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