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Software development is an extremely knowledge-intensive task in which many products, methods and models are realized and abolished at the same time. Productivity, as well as product quality, highly depends on available and recycled knowledge from former projects as much as from the exchange within the scientific software engineering community. The accessibility of relevant knowledge increases the productivity and prevents knowledge- and competence-gaps, typically caused by:

? Knowledge shrinkage: developers leaving the organization take along experience and expertise.

? Knowledge replication: solutions from project A are not reused in project B ? although possible ? but are newly developed. Defects and solutions from project A will be repeated in project B.

? Innovation gap: domestic and international competitors use actual (and better) technologies customers are geared to.

RISE aims to develop a comprehensive solution for the reuse of products, methods, models and experience in software engineering. Initial point is the exposure with defects and features (internal commissions) in software engineering. Thus, the results in particular support practical software engineering for small and medium sized companies.

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