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Save Intelligent Mobility - Test Field Germany

By investigating and testing Car-to-X communication and its applications, the research project SIM-TD helps shaping tomorrows secure and intelligent mobility. The 4-years-project started in September 2008, consolidating and applying the results of previous research projects. Hereby, a large-scale field-test infrastructure around the Hessian metropolis of Frankfurt is established in order to create realistic traffic scenarios with the aim to foster the political, economical, and technological foundations for a successful introduction of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure networks.

DFKI is responsible for developing the SIM-TD human machine interface (HMI). A rule based presentation manager assures smooth and on-time display of high-priority alerts. Additionally, usability rules minimize driver distraction and guarantee the most efficient use of output modalities.

The project aims inter alia at the following objectives:

  • Increasing road safety as we as the efficiency of the existing transport network through the use of car-to-X communication.
  • Defining and validating an introduction scenario for the described functions and applications.
  • Answering scientific questions in a real-life environment.
  • Combining car-to-X features from the fields of transport efficiency, driving and safety, as well as additional value-added services.

SIM-TD is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Affairs.

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Contact Person
Dr.-Ing. Michael Feld

Publications about the project

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