Confined Underwater SLAM

Confined Underwater SLAM

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The aim of the CUSLAM project is the development of an algorithm which allows localization and mapping in complex, spatially confined underwater environments. This algorithm enables even small, weakly instrumented vehicles to act and fulfill meaningful tasks in difficult terrain (e.g. underwater production/processing plants). During extensive experiments the results are compared to reference measurements, in order to objectively verify the correctness of the algorithm.

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Marc Ronthaler, Sirko Straube, Sebastian Bartsch, Marco Lewandowski, Stephan Oelker, Frank Kirchner

In: Tagungsband "Logistik für die Windenergie - Herausforderungen und Lösungen für modern Windkraftwerke". Industrie-Symposium "Logistik für die Windenergie" Herausforderungen und Lösungen für modern Windkraftwerke December 3-3 Bremen Germany Pages 115-122 epubli GmbH 12/2014.

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