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Efficient and Compliant Purchase Order Handling: A Contribution to BPI Challenge 2019

Oliver Gutermuth; Johannes Lahann; Jana-Rebecca Rehse; Martin Scheid; Steffen Schuhmann; Sebastian Stephan; Peter Fettke
BPI Challenge Report, BPI Challenge 2019, BPI Challenge, Vol. 2019, 2019.


The 2019 Business Process Intelligence challenge focuses on the purchase order handling process from a large multinational company in the area of paints and coatings, operating from the Netherlands. In this report, we describe how we analyzed the provided process data in order to answer the process owner’s questions on process visualization, throughput efficiency, and compliance. To answer those questions, we used a combination of manual data analysis, established process mining techniques, and innovative machine learning approaches. After presenting our data understanding and tool chain, we first report on the results obtained by manual filtering, before addressing each challenge individually. We also discuss limitations and further recommendations, wherever applicable.

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