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The Digitally Enhanced Planning Table: A Tangible System for Rough Layout Planning With Automatic Digitalization

Nico Herbig; Frederic Kerber; Pascal Lessel; Antonio Krüger
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 1, 2015.


In this paper, we present a tangible system for rough layout planning using quickly producible physical models. The physical 3D representation is backed by an automatically synchronized digital model of the current planning status with extended functionality, such as a version control system that easily allows users to re-create previously planned states. In contrast to existing approaches, we do not restrict our system to a set of pre-defined components, but rather support rapid extensions by creating new components using Styrofoam, wood or similar materials and digitalizing them automatically. The development of this system was guided by expert interviews done at two large German manufacturing companies. A prototype was evaluated with planning experts from one of these companies, showing that the features introduced are much appreciated by the participants.