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Deducing Qualitative Capabilities with Generic Ontology Design Patterns

Bernd Krieg-Brückner; Mihai Codescu
In: Manuel F Silva; José Luís Lima; Luís Paulo Reis; Alberto Sanfeliu; Danilo Tardioli (Hrsg.). Robot 2019: Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference. Iberian Robotics Conference (ROBOT-2019), Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference, Advances in Robotics, Volume 1, November 20-22, Porto, Portugal, Pages 391-403, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC), No. 1092, ISBN 978-3-030-35989-8, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Cham, 2020.


Generic Ontology Design Patterns, GODPs, encapsulate design details, hiding the complexity of modeling. As a separation of concerns, they are to be developed by ontology experts, while their safe (re-)use is entrusted to domain experts, who may focus on appropriate instantiations; these effectively document the design decisions. The deployment to the domain of robotics is demonstrated by simple GODPs for adding new objects, relating them consistently to a given ontology. Advanced GODPs show how semantic device properties such as qualitative capabilities can be deduced from quantitative data in a general way.


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