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The MobIS-Challenge 2019. A Report on the WI-2019-Workshop on Model-Based Compliance in Information Systems

Stephan Baier; Sebastian Dunzer; Peter Fettke; Constantin Houy; Martin Matzner; Peter Pfeiffer; Jana-Rebecca Rehse; Martin Scheid; Sebastian Stephan; Matthias Stierle; Brian Willems
In: Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures - International Journal of Conceptual Modeling (EMISAJ), Vol. 15, No. 5, Pages 1-25, GI, 11/2020.


Information systems (IS) can significantly support the organization of business processes. However, the proceeding digitalization of processes can also lead to an increasing organizational complexity and the need to more intensely investigate the adherence to external or internal compliance rules. Process-related data from IS and underlying process models can, however, also contribute to an effective compliance checking. This article summarizes the motivation, the setup, the data set and the results of the 2019 MobIS-Challenge which was conducted as a workshop at WI 2019 in Siegen, Germany. Results submitted to the challenge are presented in detail and directions for future work are discussed.


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