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"Strukturieren, Strukturieren, Strukturieren" in the Era of Robotic Process Automation

Peter Fettke; Peter Loos
In: Katrin Bergener; Michael Räckers; Armin Stein (Hrsg.). The Art of Structuring. Pages 191-201, ISBN 978-3-030-06233-0 (print); 978-3-030-06234-7 (online), Springer, 1/2019.


While, in the first machine age, physical power was automated, intellectual power is automated in the second machine age. This development has interesting implications for Jörg's leitmotif "Strukturieren, Strukturieren, Strukturieren". In this article, we add to this discussion in the context of structuring processes. Therefore, we first structure the discussion about robotic process automation. After that, we illustrate how robots can support the structuring of processes. Our article concludes with some general remarks on process automation.