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IoT-Based Activity Recognition for Process Assistance in Human-Robot Disaster Response

Adrian Rebmann; Peter Fettke; Jana-Rebecca Rehse; Mira Pinter; Marius Schnaubelt; Kevin Daun
In: Dirk Fahland; Chiara Ghidini; Jörg Becker; Marlon Dumas (Hrsg.). International Conference on Business Process Management. Business Process Management (BPM-2020), 18th International Conference on Business Process Management, September 13-18, Seville, Spain, Pages 71-87, Vol. 392, ISBN 978-3-030-58637-9 (Print); 978-3-030-58638-6 (Online), Springer, 9/2020.


Mobile robots like drones or ground vehicles can be a valuable addition to emergency response teams, because they reduce the risk and the burden for human team members. However, the need to manage and coordinate human-robot team operations during ongoing missions adds an additional dimension to an already complex and stressful situation. BPM approaches can help to visualize and document the disaster response processes underlying a mission. In this paper, we show how data from a ground robot’s reconnaissance run can be used to provide process assistance to the officers. By automatically recognizing executed activities and structuring them as an ad-hoc process instance, we are able to document the executed process and provide real-time information about the mission status. The resulting mission progress process model can be used for additional services, such as officer training or mission documentation. Our approach is implemented as a prototype and demonstrated using data from an ongoing research project on rescue robotics.