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Deep learning object detection as an assistance system for complex image labeling tasks

Max Leimkühler; Laura Gravemeier; Tim Biester; Oliver Thomas
In: Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-2021), A Virtual AIS Conference, located at 54th, January 5-8, Hawaii, Hawaii, USA, ISBN 978-0-9981331-4-0, AIS, 2021.


Object detection via deep learning has many promising areas of application. However, robustness and accuracy of fully automated systems are often insufficient for practical use. Integrating results from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human intelligence in collaborative settings might bridge the gap between efficiency and accuracy. This study proves increased efficiency when supporting human intelligence through AI without negative impact on effectiveness in a fine- grained car scratch image labeling task. Based on the confirmed benefits of AI with human intelligence in the loop approaches, this contribution discusses potential practical application scenarios and envisions the implementation of assistance systems supported by computer vision.


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