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SynPo-Net--Accurate and Fast CNN-Based 6DoF Object Pose Estimation Using Synthetic Training

Yongzhi Su; Jason Raphael Rambach; Alain Pagani; Didier Stricker
In: SangMin Yoon (Hrsg.). Sensors - Open Access Journal (Sensors), Vol. 21(1) - Special Issue "Object Tracking and Motion Analysis", Page 300, MDPI, 2021.


Estimation and tracking of 6DoF poses of objects in images is a challenging problem of great importance for robotic interaction and augmented reality. Recent approaches applying deep neural networks for pose estimation have shown encouraging results. However, most of them rely on training with real images of objects with severe limitations concerning ground truth pose acquisition, full coverage of possible poses, and training dataset scaling and generalization capability. This paper presents a novel approach using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) trained exclusively on single-channel Synthetic images of objects to regress 6DoF object Poses directly (SynPo-Net). The proposed SynPo-Net is a network architecture specifically designed for pose regression and a proposed domain adaptation scheme transforming real and synthetic images into an intermediate domain that is better fit for establishing correspondences. The extensive evaluation shows that our approach significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art using synthetic training in terms of both accuracy and speed. Our system can be used to estimate the 6DoF pose from a single frame, or be integrated into a tracking system to provide the initial pose.