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Porting the “Thirty Six Dramatic Situations” to a Multilingual Ontology

Thierry Declerck
In: Proceedings of EADH 2018. European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH-2018), Data in Digital Humanities, December 7-9, Galway, Ireland, EADH, 1/2019.


In this paper we describe our work leading to the creation of a multilingual ontology that represents and extends the seminal work by Georges Polti “Les Trente-six Situations dramatiques”. We aim with this formal representation at supporting automated annotation and classification tasks of literary work in the field of drama analysis. In this we extend previous work that has been proposed on ontologizing classical indexation and classification schemes widely used in folkloristics, and we investigate how an integrated ontological framework can help in establishing similarities in the classification of those distinct types of narratives: folktales and drama. As the study by G. Polti was partly influenced on reported findings by Carlo Gozzi, who in the 18th century created dramatic pieces based on fairy tales, we will in a next step focus on such narratives for testing the validity of our ontology for supporting the cross-genres automatic annotation and classification of literary oeuvres.