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Safe Handover in Mixed-Initiative Control for Cyber-Physical Systems

Frederik Wiehr; Anke Hirsch; Florian Daiber; Antonio Krüger; Alisa Kovtunova; Stefan Borgwardt; Ernie Chang; Vera Demberg; Marcel Steinmetz; Hoffmann Jorg
In: CHI 2020 Proceedings. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2020), April 25-30, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, ACM, 2020.


For mixed-initiative control between cyber-physical systems (CPS) and its users, it is still an open question how machines can safely hand over control to humans. In this work, we propose a concept to provide technological support that uses formal methods from AI -- description logic (DL) and automated planning -- to predict more reliably when a hand-over is necessary, and to increase the advance notice for handovers by planning ahead of runtime. We combine this with methods from human-computer interaction (HCI) and natural language generation (NLG) to develop solutions for safe and smooth handovers and provide an example autonomous driving scenario. A study design is proposed with the assessment of qualitative feedback, cognitive load and trust in automation.

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