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Unsupervised pathology detection in medical images using conditional variational autoencoders

Hristina Uzunova; Sandra Schultz; Heinz Handels; Jan Ehrhardt
In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (IJCARS), Vol. 14, No. 3, Pages 451-461, Springer, 2019.


Purpose Pathology detection in medical image data is an important but a rather complicated task. In particular, the big variability of the pathologies is a challenge to automatic detection methods and even to machine learning methods. Supervised algorithms would usually learn the appearance of a single pathological structure based on a large annotated dataset. As such data is not usually available, especially in large amounts, in this work we pursue a different unsupervised approach. Methods Our method is based on learning the entire variability of healthy data and detect pathologies by their differences to the learned norm. For this purpose, we use conditional variational autoencoders which learn the reconstruction and encoding distribution of healthy images and also have the ability to integrate certain prior knowledge about the data (condition). Results Our experiments on different 2D and 3D datasets show that the approach is suitable for the detection of pathologies and deliver reasonable Dice coefficients and AUCs. Also this method can estimate missing correspondences in pathological images and thus can be used as a pre-step to a registration method. Our experiments show improving registration results on pathological data when using this approach. Conclusions Overall the presented approach is suitable for a rough pathology detection in medical images and can be successfully used as a preprocessing step to other image processing methods.