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Geospatial Customer, Competitor and Supplier Analysis for Site Selection of Supermarkets

Sebastian Baumbach; Christoph Rubel; Sheraz Ahmed; Andreas Dengel
In: Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International Conference on Geoinformatics and Data Analysis. International Conference on Geoinformatics and Data Analysis (ICGDA-2019), March 15-17, Prague, Czech Republic, Pages 110-114, ACM, 3/2019.


Currently, there are rapid changes in the supermarket sector, as more and more companies provide home delivery services of most of their products. Recently, perishable groceries are also directly shipped to people's home, which leads to new logistical challenges. By only using statistical data known as location factors, problems arose for metropolises like Berlin. These cities have several millions of inhabitants, but are only modeled as one geographic entity with a single attributes like average net income. In order to provide insights into cities down to street level, this geodata model was enriched with information of OpenStreetMap (OSM). Additionally, the road network of OSM was used to dynamically calculate catchment areas and combine them with location factors of the geodata model. This combination enables dynamic and data-driven customer, competitor, and supplier analysis. The evaluation was performed on the application scenario of online food delivery models of Edeka, Rewe and Amazon-Fresh. The results indicate, that Edeka's delivery model-currently evaluated by Edeka in Berlin-only reaches 0,28 % of the inhabitants, whereas Amazon fresh achieves nearly 100 % coverage. As a conclusion, the presented data-driven business analysis enables new possibilities for site selection and potential for future applications.