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Modeling Speaker Personality using Voice

Tim Polzehl; Sebastian Möller; Florian Metze
In: Proc. 12th Ann. Conf. of the Int. Speech Communication Assoc. (Interspeech 2011). Conference in the Annual Series of Interspeech Events (INTERSPEECH-2011), Florence, Italy, International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), 8/2011.


In this paper, we validate the application of an established personality assessment and modeling paradigm to speech input, and extend earlier work towards text independent speech in- put. We show that human labelers can consistently label acted speech data generated across multiple recording sessions and investigate further which of the 5 scales in the NEO-FFI scheme can be assessed from speech, and how a manipulation of one scale influences the perception of another. Finally, we present a clustering of human labels of perceived personality traits, which will be useful in future experiments on automatic classification and generation of personality traits from speech.