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A Review of Personality in Voice-Based Man Machine Interaction

F. Metze; Tim Polzehl; Alan Black
In: Julie A. Jacko (Hrsg.). Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction Techniques and Environments - 14th International Conference, HCI International 2011. Human Computer Interaction International Conferences (HCII-2011), July 9-14, Orlando, FL, USA, Pages 358-367, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Vol. 6762, ISBN 978-3-642-21604-6, Springer, 2011.


In this paper, we will discuss state-of-the-art techniques for personality-aware user interfaces, and summarize recent work in automatically recognizing and synthesizing speech with “personality”. We present an overview of personality “metrics”, and show how they can be applied to the perception of voices, not only the description of personally known individuals. We present use cases for personality-aware speech input and/ or output, and discuss approaches at defining “personality” in this context. We take a middle-of-the-road approach, i.e. we will not try to uncover all fundamental aspects of personality in speech, but we’ll also not aim for ad-hoc solutions that serve a single purpose, for example to create a positive attitude in a user, but do not generate transferable knowledge for other interfaces.