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A Public Ground-Truth Dataset for Handwritten Circuit Diagram Images

Felix Thoma; Johannes Bayer; Yakun Li
In: International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition. IAPR International Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC-2021), located at ICDAR2021, September 5-10, Lausanne, Switzerland, Vol. 12916, ISBN 978-3-030-86197-1, Springer, Switzerland, 9/2021.


The development of digitization methods for line drawings – especially in the area of electrical engineering – relies on the availability of publicly available training and evaluation data. This paper presents such an image set along with annotations. The dataset consists of 1152 images of 144 circuits by 12 drafters and 48 563 annotations. Each of these images depicts an electrical circuit diagram, taken by consumer grade cameras under varying lighting conditions and perspectives. A variety of different pencil types and surface materials has been used. For each image, all individual electrical components are annotated with bounding boxes and one out of 45 class labels. In order to simplify a graph extraction process, different helper symbols like junction points and crossovers are introduced, while texts are annotated as well. The geometric and taxonomic problems arising from this task as well as the classes themselves and statistics of their appearances are stated. The performance of a standard Faster RCNN on the dataset is provided as an object detection baseline.


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