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A concept for productivity tracking based on collaborative interactive learning techniques

Adrian Calma; Jochen Kuhn; Jan Marco Leimeister; Paul Lukowicz; Sarah Oeste-Reiß; Albrecht Schmidt; Bernhard Sick; Gerd Stumme; Sven Tomforde; Anna Katharina Zweig
In: International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems. International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS-2018), VDE, 2018.


The academic success of individual students differs widely and it depends on various factors, ranging from financial to social and to health aspects. In this article, we propose a concept for a novel productivity tracking system that provides the basis for a self-assessment of academic behaviour and that can be used by students to support their academic success. The development of such a system requires interdisciplinary efforts, most of them located in the field of collaborative interactive learning (CIL) that is grounded on a socio-technical system perspective. The system is interactive since it is based on bidirectional communication, collaborative in the sense that it uses students, other students, and external sources such as the Internet for generation of knowledge, and learning in the sense that it continuously and autonomously acquires knowledge. It is further self-organised as it decides about interaction partners and self-adaptive in terms of modifying its behaviour according to changing conditions.

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