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Here Comes No Boom! The Lack of Sound Feedback Effects on Performance and User Experience in a Gamified Image Classification Task

Maximilian Altmeyer; Vladislav Hnatovskiy; Katja Rogers; Pascal Lessel; Lennart E. Nacke
In: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2022), April 30 - May 5, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, ACM, 5/2022.


Sound effects (SFX) complement the visual feedback provided by gamification elements in gamified systems. However, the impact of SFX has not been systematically studied. To bridge this gap, we investigate the effects of SFX - supplementing points (as a gamification element) - on task performance and user experience in a gamified image classification task. We created 18 SFX, studied their impact on perceived valence and arousal (N=49) and selected four suitable SFX to be used in a between-participants user study (N=317). Our findings show that neither task performance, affect, immersion, nor enjoyment were significantly affected by the sounds. Only the pressure/tension factor differed significantly, indicating that low valence sounds should be avoided to accompany point rewards. Overall, our results suggest that SFX seem to have less impact than expected in gamified systems. Hence, using SFX in gamification should be a more informed choice and should receive more attention in gamification research.

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