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The Morphological Echo of Architects Concept for a Conversational Artificial Intelligence to Support Architects during the Early Design Stages

Jessica Bielski; Viktor Eisenstadt; Christoph Langenhan; Burak Mete
In: Martin Slepicka; Lothar Kolbeck; Sebastian Esser; Kasimir Forth; Florian Noichl; Jonas Schlenger (Hrsg.). Proceedings of 33. Forum Bauinformatik. Forum Bauinformatik, September 7-9, Pages 429-436, mediaTUM, München, 9/2022.


Communication is considered an essential aspect of a successful architectural design process. Sketching plays an important role as a tool of Communication, while supporting the design development. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods for auto-completion, accelerating and improving work, the metis projects pursue a conversational intelligent design assistant suggesting further design steps. Similar to human conversations, the system aims to understand the architect to provide comprehensible suggestions with coherent and appropriate explanations in the user’s language at the correct time for improved Human-System-Interaction (HSI), User Experience (UX) and ultimately the effectiveness of the application. We plan to investigate explainability (XAI) and its temporal aspects to eventually generate these individually and automatically in real time


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