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Towards Process Representation Models for Business Process Management

Peter Pfeiffer
In: AAAI 2023 Bridge Program on Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management. AAAI Workshops (AI4BPM@AAAI-2022), located at AAAI, February 7-8, Washington, DC, USA, online, 2023.


Language representation models have reached impressive performance in various language understanding tasks, especially due to their ability to learn rich representations of the concepts found in the data. Transferring and adapting these abilities to event logs may have huge potential, as it would enable a more effective and efficient analysis for process mining and business process management (BPM) tasks. However, the development of such models for event logs is challenging due to the specifics of the data and real-world processes. This paper presents the challenges to be faced when developing neural process representation models, recent advances gained in this PhD project as well as fruitful interactions between AI and BPM on this topic.


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