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Towards selective hoeing depending on evaporation from the soil

Christoph Manss; Kai Szadkowski; Janis Bald; David Richard; Christian Scholz; Daniel König; Arno Ruckelshausen
In: Christa Hoffmann; Anthony Stein; Arno Ruckelshausen; Henning Müller; Thilo Steckel; Helga Floto (Hrsg.). 43. GIL-Jahrestagung, Resiliente Agri-Food-Systeme. GIL-Jahrestagung (GIL-2022), 43. GIL-Jahrestagung 2022, February 13-14, Bonn, Germany, Pages 148-158, ISBN ISBN: 978-3-88579-724-1, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. Bonn, 2023.


This paper presents how to generate an artificial dataset to test different hoeing rules. Therefore, images that have been obtained on two days of a field trial are analysed to infer weed and crop sizes. Then, weather data from 2021 and 2022 is gathered from open-source data for 100 synthetically generated fields. The generated dataset is then used to test hoeing rules that are conditioned to keep as much moisture in the soil as possible. The analysis with these hoeing rules indicates that much less hoeing would be applied if the proposed hoeing rules are used.

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