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KI-SIGS: Artificial Intelligence for the Northern German Health Ecosystem

Stefan Fischer; Martin Leucker; Christoph Lüth; Thomas Martinetz; Raimund Mildner; Dirk Nowotka; Frank Steinicke
In: Digitale Welt, Vol. 4, Pages 49-54, Springer Verlag, 12/2019.


KI-SIGS (“KI-Space für intelligente Gesundheitssysteme”, engl.: AI Space for Intelligent Health Systems), is an initiative to strengthen the Northern German health ecosystem to meet the challenges it is facing due to the rise of AI technologies. We present KI-SIGS by first describing the current state of the health ecosystem and the challenges it is facing. Then, we present our approach to meet those challenges, which basically consists of the interplay of three components: (i) an adaptive AI platform, (ii) an R&D (research and development) program using this platform, and (iii) the ecosystem itself. The initial partners of KISIGS are described, and finally, an outlook on sustainability options is given