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Advances in Human-Robot Handshaking

Vignesh Prasad; Ruth Stock-Homburg; Jan Peters
In: Alan R. Wagner; David Feil-Seifer; Kerstin Sophie Haring; Silvia Rossi; Thomas Emrys Williams; Hongsheng He; Shuzhi Sam Ge (Hrsg.). Social Robotics - 12th International Conference. International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR-2020), November 14-18, Golden, CO, USA, Pages 478-489, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 12483, Springer, 2020.


The use of social, anthropomorphic robots to support humans in various industries has been on the rise. During Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), physically interactive non-verbal behaviour is key for more natural interactions. Handshaking is one such natural interaction used commonly in many social contexts. It is one of the first non-verbal interactions which takes place and should, therefore, be part of the repertoire of a social robot. In this paper, we explore the existing state of Human-Robot Handshaking and discuss possible ways forward for such physically interactive behaviours.

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