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Context Aware Module Selection in Modular Dialog Systems

Jan Nehring; René Marcel Berk; Stefan Hillmann
In: Proceedings of Recent Advantages of Natural Language Processing 2023. International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP-2023), 2023.


In modular dialog systems, a dialog system consists of multiple conversational agents. The task ``module selection'' selects the appropriate sub-dialog system for an incoming user utterance. Current models for module selection use features derived from the current user turn only, such as the utterances text or confidence values of the natural language understanding systems of the individual conversational agents, or they perform text classification on the user utterance. However, dialogs often span multiple turns, and turns are embedded into a context. Therefore, looking at the current user turn only is a source of error in certain situations. This work proposes four models for module selection that include the dialog history and the current user turn into module selection. We show that these models surpass the current state of the art in module selection.