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Utilizing Human Feedback in POMDP Execution and Specification

Janine Hoelscher; Dorothea Koert; Jan Peters; Joni Pajarinen
In: 18th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots. IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids-2018), November 6-9, Beijing, China, Pages 104-111, IEEE, 2018.


In many environments, robots have to handle partial observations, occlusions, and uncertainty. In this kind of setting, a partially observable Markov decision process (POMDP) is the method of choice for planning actions. However, especially in the presence of non-expert users, there are still open challenges preventing mass deployment of POMDPs in human environments. To this end, we present a novel approach that addresses both incorporating user objectives during task specification and asking humans for specific information during task execution; allowing for mutual information exchange. In POMDPs, the standard way of using a reward function to specify the task is challenging for experts and even more demanding for non-experts. We present a new POMDP algorithm that maximizes the probability of task success defined in the form of intuitive logic sentences. Moreover, we introduce the use of targeted queries in the POMDP model, through which the robot can request specific information. In contrast, most previous approaches rely on asking for full state information which can be cumbersome for users. Compared to previous approaches our approach is applicable to large state spaces. We evaluate the approach in a box stacking task both in simulations and experiments with a 7-DOF KUKA LWR arm. The experimental results confirm that asking targeted questions improves task performance significantly and that the robot successfully maximizes the probability of task success while fulfilling user-defined task objectives.

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