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Transfer Learning via Relational Type Matching

Raksha Kumaraswamy; Phillip Odom; Kristian Kersting; David Leake; Sriraam Natarajan
In: Charu C. Aggarwal; Zhi-Hua Zhou; Alexander Tuzhilin; Hui Xiong; Xindong Wu (Hrsg.). 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM-2015), November 14-17, Atlantic City, NJ, USA, Pages 811-816, IEEE Computer Society, 2015.


Transfer learning is typically performed between problem instances within the same domain. We consider the problem of transferring across domains. To this effect, we adopt a probabilistic logic approach. First, our approach automatically identifies predicates in the target domain that are similar in their relational structure to predicates in the source domain. Second, it transfers the logic rules and learns the parameters of the transferred rules using target data. Finally, it refines the rules as necessary using theory refinement. Our experimental evidence supports that this transfer method finds models as good or better than those found with state-of-the-art methods, with and without transfer, and in a fraction of the time.

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